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Inside Hospitality Report

This report aims to capture the experiences of hospitality professionals and understand those experiences pertaining to race, bias, training and career progression.

Drawing on the Inside Hospitality survey conducted by Hospitality Data, Insights and Learning providers CPL and CGA from the 2nd of November 2020 until the 24th of January 2021, 387 hospitality professionals were asked questions that reveal their experiences in the sector.

What’s Inside:

  • The areas explored were chosen in order to give a holistic view of all of the possible barriers related to the current lack of representation within the industry.
  • Outside of demographic, job level and job sector, the questions focus closely on, and uncover potential disparities between, the experiences of respondents from various ethnic groups.
  • The questions focus on the experiences faced in relation to bias, careers in hospitality, wellbeing and learning & development.

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Ethnic minorities in the hospitality sector

This report examines the experiences of workers in the hospitality sector from different ethnic backgrounds, and was produced for Be Inclusive Hospitality by the Resolution Foundation in November 2020.  There is a broad body of evidence showing that ethnic minorities experience disadvantage and worse outcomes in the labour market. This report looks for evidence of differences in outcomes within the hospitality sector

What’s Inside:

  • Descriptions of the characteristics of hospitality workers from different ethnic groups. 
  • Comparison of the experiences of those groups in terms of pay, occupation, job type, and other measures.
  • Comparison of the pay of Black, Asian, Ethnic Minorities and White British groups, carrying out regression analysis to compare pay controlling a variety of compositional factors.

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