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Our community is made up of a diverse range of occupations, the common thread is food, drink and businesses servicing the hospitality sector. Roles include Chefs, Sommeliers, Finance Directors, Restauranteurs, Marketeers, Authors and Brand Creators. Below we feature member’s brands and products, created and developed by some amazing talents.

Equiano Rum

An image of Equiano Rum; a product for purchase from our members

The world’s first African & Caribbean rum
A multi-award-winning rum, perfect for the discerning drinker. Hailed by Forbes, GQ and Stormzy for its purist approach to rum making, Equiano has a powerful story to tell.

Celebrating the work of Olaudah Equiano – an African born Entrepreneur, Writer and Freedom Fighter, who journeyed to the Caribbean through the Transatlantic Slave Trade, eventually settling in the UK and paving his way to liberation through selling rum. His values echo those of the Founders of Equiano Rum and as a result, this smooth rum bares the writer’s famous name. Additionally, going beyond the pour, they proudly pledge 5% of company profits to ground level Freedom + Equality projects, annually; through Equiano Foundation, supporting Freedom of Spirit with every bottle.

Get your bottle of Limited Batch 01 at

Ian Burrell, Global Rum Ambassador

Cham Cham

An image of Cham Cham; a product for purchase from our members

Nima is mad about chillies and hot peppers and so it was only natural for her to create her own hot sauce range! This range is her take on a hot pepper sauce Liberians and Sierra Leoneans make, with onions forming the base for this CHAMpion sauce.

The perfect condiment, for instance, at a barbecue or picnic, with your eggs at breakfast, with your grilled pork chop, smothered over your roasted cauliflower, with your plantains, king prawns and aioli, stirred through rice, or as a chutney with your cheese!  CHAM CHAM Hot Pepper Sauce is made from some of the hottest peppers – scotch bonnet – no artificial stuff, above all, it’s just full of HOT stuff!!!

Get your jar of Cham Cham at

Nima Owino, Founder

Miss Tea Smith

An image of Miss Tea Smith; a product for purchase from our members

Teas sourced from all over Sri Lanka – from the cool mountains to the hot and abundant plains. The terroir of these different regions naturally lends itself to blending teas with subtle and fuller flavours.

In addition, Sri Lanka’s unique landscape gives its teas its renowned complexity in flavour and its characteristic strength and fragrance. Tea estates in Sri Lanka have a long-established tradition of nurturing and producing fabulous teas.

Just like it takes an excellent sommelier to recommend the perfect wine for a meal, it takes a deep understanding of tea to blend it and add other flavours. We combine some of the worlds’ most sophisticated teas with dried flowers, herbs and spices to give them a unique and exciting character. From Sri Lanka to your home.

Uma Satkunam, CEO

Jerk iT Up Sauce

An image of Jerk iT Up Sauce; a product for purchase from our members

Dane Johnson is the man behind Danes Caribbean Catering.
Born and raised in Jamaica, Dane has always had a keen passion for Jamaican food and cooking. As a child he would intently observe his mother in the kitchen cooking absorbing all of the methods, ingredients and smells involved in producing delicious meals. He was always amazed by how with just a few ingredients she could create mouth-watering dishes for her family.

After that, at aged 11, Dane and his family moved from Jamaica to the UK. Dane began to assist his mother in the kitchen much more frequently. The more responsibility she gave him, the deeper he fell in love with Jamaican food. In 2015 Dane channelled this love for Jamaican cuisine and fulfilled his childhood dream by launching Danes Caribbean Catering.

Jerk iT Up Sauce followed soon after and it is a great way to add some spice to any meal. Get yours at

Dane Johnson, CEO

The Black Farmer

An image of The Black Farmer products; a product for purchase from our members

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones was born in Jamaica and brought up in inner-city Birmingham, UK, he fulfilled his childhood dream to own a small piece of the British countryside, a farm in Devon. Inspired by this and my love and support of British farming, he launched The Black Farmer brand.

In addition, he didn’t stop there, he wanted to be sure that The Black Farmer brand not only celebrates British farming by using only British meat; but also supports the increasingly large community of people who have coeliac disease, or a wheat and gluten intolerance. All his products are Gluten Free so that all the family can enjoy them together.

The Black Farmer product range is available throughout the UK, stocked at retailers including Ocado, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco. For more details visit

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, Farmer

Taxi Spirit Co

An image of Taxi Spirit Co's products; a product for purchase from our members

After six years of hard work and passion in developing and perfecting the craft of rum distillation, in 2018, Taxi Spirit Co proudly launched its first product, Cabby’s White Rum, with rich, full-bodied taste notes of sweet cane, delicious black treacle, a hint of oak and refreshing coconut and citrus! Produced only in batches of only 250 bottles, the rum is truly small batch and handcrafted. Taxi Spirit Co is proud to be part of and further propel the craft revolution by distilling his Rums from scratch, in the heart of London, for all the wonderful people who love, and will love rum, they promise!
Taxi Spirit Co also offers Cabby’s Gin, born out of a very fortunate accident while experimenting with juniper for spiced rum. Distilled from molasses, this gin crafted with eight scintillating botanicals. This is just the beginning… watch this space for more exciting and delicious drinks!

Moses Odong, Founder

About Member’s Brands and Products

In the Member’s Products series, we hope to share the products and brands for purchase from our members. Whether covering products and brands currently available or forthcoming product launches and events, the series will provide a vast amount of value for the Be Inclusive Hospitality community.

You can find all posts on products and brands for purchase from our members here.