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Exose Grant


Total number of years spent within Hospitality?
7 years

What do you most enjoy about this industry?
The people, the energy, it is a tough job, but with a good team, it makes the time fly even though it is long hours. We put a lot of love into our food, that’s what I enjoy.

What does a typical day look like for you?
Normally I am up really early, I then start at 11am, go straight to work for prepping, then work all day until about 11pm-midnight, get home, feeling tired, repeat the following day.

Tell us something we might not know about the sector?
People think that working in a kitchen is a lot of shouting and pressure, if you have a good team and managers, it is really enjoyable.

What has been the single most important piece of advice given to you?
Don’t panic, as growing up, I have always panicking, because I am always trying to get 5 steps ahead. I am still working on it!

Three dinner guests of your choice?
Gordon Ramsay and my elder sister (she is my biggest fan), that's it.

Last documentary watched and book read?
I just love David Attenborough documentaries including blue planet.

Finish the sentence, the future in hospitality is……..
Unpredictable, so many things are constantly changing.