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Susan O’Neil, Founder of Drinklusive

There is some real work that needs to be done to improve the amount of Black and Asian owned wine producers. There are currently some fantastic wines you can buy, try and enjoy here in the UK right now.

We’ve tracked Black and Asian Wine producers to shine a spotlight on them. Below you can find out more about the producers, their wines and where to get your hands on them!

Monte Rosso Vineyards, Napa Valley, California

An image of Brenae Royal
Brenae Royal

Brenae Royal is Vineyard Manager at the Monte Rosso Vineyard in the Napa Valley. Monte Rosso has been described as one of California’s most iconic viticultural vineyards. She is the first and only black female vineyard manager and the youngest ever in the history of Monte Rosso Vineyard in Sonoma.

Fruit from vineyards that Brenae Royal manages are used in the elegant Louis Martini Napa Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine is available from the Great Wine Co which also sells the top end Monte Rosso Cabernet Sauvignon.

Il Palazzone Estate, Montalcino, Italy

An image of Wine Producer Richard Parsons
Richard Parsons

Richard Parsons owns Il Palazzone wine estate in the Tuscan hills of Montalicno also known as “The Media Mogul of Montalcino”. Parsons began his career as a lawyer working under Nelson Rockefeller and ended his career as President and CEO of global media conglomerate Time Warner.

He then turned his ambition to winemaking with a strong focus on the environment. Organic fertiliser is used in the vineyards while all harvesting is done by hand. The winery ceiling and walls are built from 90% recycled brick and even the rainwater is recovered and used to irrigate the vineyard!

Rosso del Palazzone can be bought now at Cambridge Wine Merchants, CH Wine Merchants & Jeroboams Trade. Brunello del Montalcino DOCG is available from Cambridge Wine Merchants.  Additionally, if you’re splashing out then magnums of the Lorenzo and Isabelle Super Tuscan are available from CH Wine Merchants.

Tesseleersdal Wines, South Africa

An image of Wine Producer Berene Sauls
Berene Sauls

The East India Company settler, Johannes Tesselaar, left his land to his freed slaves to farm upon his death in 1810. Owner Berene Sauls is a descendant on one of those slaves and grew up in this small village called Tesselaarsdal situated 24 km North East of the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley, Hermanus in the Overberg region of South Africa. If you look closely at the wine label, you can make out two people walking across the mountain – Berene and her Grandmother. She named her wine Tesselaarsdal, honouring her history and continuing her family legacy.

Wines are available to buy from

Adama Wines, Western Cape, South Africa

An image of the Adama Wines Team
Adama Wines Team

Adama (which means ‘from the soil’) Wines is a majority black-owned wine company. The company is 30% owned by women and is part of the Bosman Adama group. In 2009, the group transferred a share in 430 hectares of prime vineyard land to 260 permanent workers of the Bosman farming community. This is the largest land reform transaction to date in the history of the South African Wine industry.

The Adama Foundation Trust established to improve the social and economic development of all farm workers and the community. The Trust is the sole beneficiary of all Fairtrade premiums generated by Adama Fairtrade wines sales, with a white and red blend available to buy from the Coop.

Kanaan Winery Riesling, China

An image of Wine Producer Fang Wang
Fang Wang

Considered one of the top wineries in China, Kanaan is located at the foot of the Helan Mountains in Ningxia, about 1,000 kilometres west of Beijing. Kanaan means ‘the land of milk and honey’, signifying the hope for Ningxia to be one of China’s leading regions for the production of fine wine.

Established in 2011, the winery was founded by Fang Wang. Fang is the daughter of Ningxia viticulture pioneer Wang Feng Yu. Fang is nicknamed ‘Crazy Fang’ for her boldness to start a winery with no prior experience. Additionally, she is renown for embarking on the near impossible mission of growing Riesling in Ningxia. Fang spent 12 years abroad, some of which were in Germany, where she acquired her love for Riesling.  Her wine is also available to the trade from Liberty Wines.

Helan Qingxue, Jai Bei Lan, China

An image of Wine Producer Li Demei
Li Demei

The Helan Qingxue Vineyards sits in the foothills of the Helan Mountains in Ningxia, north-central China. The boutique winery is internationally renowned for its premium red wines. As a result, they have won the International Trophy at the Decanter World Wine Awards – the highest award ever won by a Chinese winery. Winemaker Li Demei trained in Bordeaux and did an internship at Chateau Palmer. If you’re a fan of Bordeaux reds then his Cabernet Red blend will be for you and is also available from Taurus Wines.

Grover Zampa, Nandi Hills, India

An image of Wine Producer Karishma Grover
Karishma Grover

In the early 1960s, businessman Kanwal Grover was importing French machinery and tools for India’s defence and space programmes. Each time he visited France, his passion for fine wines grew. It took a long time to Kanwal to convert his passion into a profession. In 1989, Kanwal and his business partner George Vesselle started their first vineyard at the foot of Nandi Hills, near Bangalore. The vineyard, named after Grover, produced the first batch of vintage wine in 1992. Today, Grover wines has cemented its legacy as the country’s leading producer and exporter of fine wine. Kanwal is now referred to as the ‘father of Indian viticulture’. Kapil Grover, Kanwal’s son, and Karishma Grover, Kanwal’s granddaughter, now lead the brand.

The Grover Art Collection Cabernet Shiraz and the Grover La Reserve Cabernet Shiraz are both available to buy from Rodney Fletcher Vintners

Fratelli Vineyards, India

An image of Wine Producers Secci and Mohite, the Patil Brothers
Secci and Mohite-Patil Brothers

Fratelli (Italian for “brothers”) was set up in 2006 by three sets of brothers from India and Italy. It was founded by the Secci brothers, Andrea and Alessio from Italy, alongside the Sekhri brothers Kapil and Gaurav and the Mohite-Patil brothers Ranjitsinh and Arjunsinh from the Western Indian state of Maharashtra.

Together they are responsible for one of the most exciting wine developments in India. Growing 13 varieties across 100 hectares of vineyards near Akluj in the Maharashtra region producing wines with a European touch. 

To conclude, this flagship Fratelli Sette Cabernet Sauvignon/Sangiovese red wine is available to buy at Vinum Online.

If you do try any of the wines listed by Black and Asian Wine Producers and discover any great food pairings, do not hesitate to let us know on Instagram @beinclusivehospitality or through the website